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  • Samuel Li

Why are you still using foamboard?

“Foamboard!”, it is almost your first instinct when you are being asked to print a piece of poster for display, that there should be no other options. Foamboard is cheap, or high “C/P ratio”, easy to carry along, with a few clicks online you would be able to get it within hours. But if we all know we should no longer be using foam box for take away food, why are we still not breaking up with foamboard?

For most people the answer is, there is no choice. Foamboard is being widely used as a medium for displaying information, you can find it in a store, in a mall, in a restaurant…almost everywhere. What if I want to replace it with a more sustainable material? What can I choose from?

Decor Redefined promoted the use of sustainable material in exhibition and events, and also in point of sales. We are proudly being appointed as one of the vendor of Sports Element, which manages the sales operations for brands Patagonia and Teva in Hong Kong, in producing the in-store promotional display items. All of them are made of sustainable material i.e. honeycomb paperboard and printed with eco-friendly ink.

Honeycomb paperboard is a recyclable material. It is light in weight but highly dense. Graphics can be printed directly on to the board, and it can diecut into different shape. Indeed a better option for replacing foamboard as a medium for display.

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