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  • Samuel Li

What are you talking about?

Alright let's be clear and honest, we don't know much about mother Earth. We only live on her but not live with her. We haven't really tried to understand what she really needs but we always instead ask from her for more and more. Right?

Come on it's 2020 now and we are still talking about environmental protection. And the saddest truth is people keep talking and talking, and (tend to) agree with what they should be doing in terms of protecting the environment. But first thing first, do we know what is needed to be done?

Climate change, global warming, wastage, pollution, recycle, we hear almost them everyday. We notice them, but do we react to them?

It always seems to big to deal with, is it?

We are here to take a small step. Not only us, but together with you.

We are not idealist, but we are trying to make a good balance between commercial activity and the way to help protecting the environment.

Remember: our steps are small but the dream is big. Let's reduce waste and reuse.

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